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Make Mary Macleod's part of your marketing plan.  With over 30 years in business we’ve created many special and unique concepts for corporate promotions.  At Mary Macleod’s, we'll work with you to best present your brand using our delicious product as the vehicle.

Give a unique, tasteful, promotional item that will advance your brand in addition to being truly appreciated; in fact, they’ll eat it right up! And while you’re at it, let us take care of everything…

Themes and Colours – we’ll decorate your promotional cookies with tags, labels, accents and ribbons to match your corporate colours or strategic theme.  There are many products and price-points to choose from, in addition to our hundreds of shapes.  For a more unique and targetted promotion, we can have custom cookie cutters made in a shape that we design jointly; perhaps your logo or a key message.  Given appropriate lead time, we can even have custom packaging designed and developed for you.

That Personal Touch – we can attach hand-lettered note cards or tags, either supplied by you or by us.

The Heavy-Lifting – we'll do the work of packaging, shipping and delivering, while you benefit from our bulk-shipping discounts.

*Please allow eight weeks for any custom cookie or packaging.

Think of Us – This is the perfect size and price point for getting your corporate brand or promotion out there to your key audience.  Perfect for these types of promotions: A Tall Canister, 6 Pack Selection, 4" Minis, etc..

A Cut Above* – Ask us about custom cookie cutters.

Quantity – From two wee biccies (you guessed it, Scottish for small cookies) to 1,000, we’ll create a package that meets your strategic marketing budget and volume requirements.  Some suggestions in this size and price-point are: Shapes 2 Cookie Cello Bags 4 Pack Sleeves, etc..

Our Promise to You – We believe our fine, artisanal shortbread will be a perfect tool to achieve your marketing and promotional goals. Make the Mary Macleod team part of your promotional planning team.

*Availability is dependent on requested shape and order size.

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