career opportunities

Join the amazing team at Mary Macleod’s Shortbread - a workplace where employees are seen, heard and given the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We boldly strive for excellence in everything we do and never compromise on quality.

We offer numerous employment benefits including:

  • Competitive wages
  • Comprehensive healthcare plan
  • Generous time away from work
  • Recognition program
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Caring and supportive work environment

Our Creed

"We believe that you have to be brave to be the best. Achieving greatness isn’t easy, but it’s worth it."

Our Vows

  • We vow to surprise and delight the world with the best all-butter shortbread ever baked.
  • We vow to break rules gently and generously and face every challenge with joy.
  • We vow to learn from our mistakes and pursue perfection daily.

Whether for a year or a career Mary Macleod’s is a great place to be

join our team



We are committed to using the finest ingredients, upholding the highest standards, and creating an unforgettable cookie experience for our customers.


We are dedicated and relentless when it comes to the safety of our people and our products.


We have been leaders in the cookie business for a long time and are proud of our legacy. Being adaptable got us here and is what will lead us into the future.


We have Mary’s determination in us and still embody the “can do” attitude she baked into every corner of the business. We find a way forward. Always.


We are thoughtful creators, bakers, and decision makers.

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