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Welcome to Macleod Nine Rewards, your destination for delicious bonuses. And this isn’t some cookie-cutter reward program. We provide MORE ways to earn, MORE levels to love and MORE ways to bliss out on all-butter shortbread. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and it’s free to join.

What is Macleod Nine Rewards?

“Always bake happy.” That was Mary’s motto, and Macleod Nine Rewards is just one more way for us to spread the happy around. We love our shortbread fans and wanted to create a program to reward their loyalty. The Macleod Nine Rewards program is free to join and offers exclusive access to bonus points and savings, seasonal rewards, insider product info, happy hour specials and more.

How do I earn points?

Earning points is as easy as pie. Or, actually, a cookie. You earn Macleod Nine Rewards just by signing up. From there, you keep earning by making purchases on our website ($1 spent is 1 point gained), having a birthday or anniversary (instant bonus rewards), referring friends, writing reviews and more. More opportunities to earn will be unveiled in time. So, stay tuned.

How do I redeem points?

Point redemption can happen at any time (1 point has a $0.10 value). Check your balance by signing in to your rewards account and find other ways to bump up your value, like writing reviews and referring friends.

How do I get to the next level?

Enjoy more shortbread, level up. There are lots of ways to earn points, and we unlock surprise and seasonal challenges and bonuses all the time. See rewards tiers above for points values to reach each level.

  Your Level Spent $ Points Bonus Points (per month) Reward $
Icon Rewards level 1 50 50 10 5
Icon Rewards level 2 100 100 20 10
Icon Rewards level 3 150 150 30 15
Icon Rewards level 4 200 200 40 20
Icon Rewards level 5 300 300 50 30
Icon Rewards level 6 500 500 60 50
Icon Rewards level 7 700 700 70 70
Icon Rewards level 8 1000 1000 80 100
Icon Rewards level 9 1500 1500 90 150
Icon Rewards level 10 2000 2000 100 200


Sign up reward

sign up

Welcome to Macleod Nine.

You’re one smart cookie. By joining Macleod Nine Rewards you can already unlock your first reward. Sign up Today!

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Birthday reward


Birthdays are better with butter.

Birthday cake is so over. But birthday cookies? Now we’re talking. We'll have a reward waiting for you on your special day.

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Anniversary reward



When it’s your Macleod Nine Rewards anniversary, you'll get a special present. Spoiler: it’s shortbread. Let's celebrate another year together with even more points.

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Reviewer reward


Rewards for reviews.

Want to share your shortbread love with the world? Let us sweeten the deal with 5 points for every review you write.

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Facebook Sharing reward


Facebook Reward

Now you can earn shortbread on the socials! [Pause for applause] Just share our page on Facebook and we’ll bake up a 30-point reward just for you.

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Facebook Sharing reward

Double & Triple
Point Rewards

Two Sweet

Multiple times a year we will have Two Sweet (double point) weekends and once a year we'll have a Hail Mary (triple point) weekend. Sign up to find out when these special events will happen.

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Facebook Sharing reward



Clearly, you have a thing for shortbread, and we want to help you stock up. Every. Single. Month. Buy any 3 items from our Clear Decorative Collection and earn 30 points monthly.

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High Roller reward

High Roller

High Roller Reward

The more you buy, the sweeter it gets. Every time your purchase total exceeds that of any past order, we’ll roll 35 buttery bonus points your way. Filling your virtual cart has never been so tempting.

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Shortbread Sunday reward


Shortbread Sundays

“Sunday Funday” or “Sunday Yumday”? We say: both. Rack up 30 bonus points simply by placing your order on—you guessed it—Sundays. Limit: 1 per week. This challenge is only available at specific times of the year.

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Instagram reward


Instagram Reward

“Now you can earn shortbread on the socials! [Pause for applause] Just follow us on Instagram and we’ll bake up a 30-point reward just for you.

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