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Our legacy began back in 1981 when Mary Macleod opened Canada’s first-ever shortbread shop under the marquee of Toronto’s Capitol Theatre. This tiny bakeshop was the origin of our signature small-batch shortbread and uncompromising quality.

Mary would stay up all night baking for the crowds of cookie lovers who would line up outside — often selling out by noon.


"If You're not Happy, don't bake."

- Mary Macleod

The Recipe for happiness

Only good moods and the finest ingredients were allowed in her kitchen because Mary believed that happy bakers bake better (and real creamery butter helps too).

To this day, we do things Mary’s way: happily crafting all-butter shortbreads by hand using only simple, premium ingredients. After all, the best indulgence is an everyday occasion.

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One tough cookie

Mary was equal parts sweet and feisty, fair and tenacious. She was raised in Scotland and learned to bake from her mother and French grandmother.

As a breast cancer survivor, Mary opened her bakery in her mid-40s to support her family. Even after losing her home in the 1980s recession, Mary kept the shortbread shop open out of sheer will and hard work. She lived for her children, grandkids and customers and wanted nothing more than to make them happy.


Mary’s commitment to family and sticking to her guns is shared by daughter-in-law Sharon. After a successful 20-year corporate career, Sharon traded banking for baking and joined Mary’s business to spend more time with family.

After Mary passed away in 2016, Sharon has continued growing the business, always with mother-in-law Mary’s original mission in mind: If it’s not the best, why eat it?

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